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A little about me

These days I live in the beautiful Sussex countryside with an understanding husband, a lazy saluki and a large rambling garden, all of which I attempt to keep in some semblance of order. 

Unfortunately my finally-realised-passion for writing means I often fail to do that, since I'm busy writing way into the small hours. I have so many stories to write that I have to write very fast! 

Aeons ago, I was a lawyer with my own legal firm. When it merged with a bigger practice, I left and studied massage, aromatherapy and Reiki. Soon I had turned my former business premises into a Centre for Holistic Health and worked there with 16 other therapists. 

I started writing books when I was 65. The first was a James Herriot style memoir of my early days as a lawyer in a country town, but I soon branched out into legal mystery thrillers with a touch of timeslip (Mysterious Marsh Series, and fictional memoirs based on my childhood spent in distant places (Faraway Lands Series).

I also write poetry (I Kiss Cold Glass) and non-fiction on a spiritual/self-help theme, including a book of meditations and  one on Reiki. The second Reiki volume is in the works.

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